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Here's what people are saying...

"It's a perfect fit with Field Trip's philosophy of helping users discover unknown delights in the world around them. We're thrilled to have them onboard."
-- John Hanke, Director of Niantic Labs at Google

"Great folks to work with and doing it for the right reasons!" -- J Sider, BandPage Founder

"Love how much easier it is to import shows [from Facebook] on your website!"--Betty from Elektro-PR, Los Angeles

"As someone working with bands I cannot say enough about @LocalMusicVibe. Check it out. @donnersocial loves using their marketing tools.
I'm just amazed that when things are created so well, more people don't use them. I want to help you here on East Coast."
--@nyc8675309 (aka Jenny Herdman Lando, Astoria, NY)

"The partnership with Local Music Vibe has been more than we could have hoped for and the music and talent you have brought forth game after game, has been nothing shy of extraordinary. I have heard from countless legions of fans who tell me that they arrive early to the ballpark so they DON'T miss the anthem. "
--Eugene Luparo, Special Assistant to the President, San Rafael Pacifics Baseball Club

"...just wanted to thank you for your support of local music and the website that you've created. It's really come a long way in the last year! Congratulations!"
--Andrea Lueken, PioneerMusicJam

"What you are doing for art and community is pure beauty."
--Djae Edrum, Event Producer, Santa Rosa CA

"I REALLY appreciate the way that you [Shelley] and Local Vibe, assist folks like me to access and utilize Local Vibe to reach our fans! Whenever I need help, you personally always respond quickly.
You are the BEST! Thanks again!
--Chelle (Chelle! and Friends), Oakland CA

"u ROCK!!"
-- Chelsea Healey, live music fan and local music scene supporter

"Luv the website! It's efficient, novice user friendly, plus bonus of seeing what's happening coast2coast!"
-- Juliette Isles, live music fan

"Local Music Vibe provides an awesome technology for musicians to post their performances and connect with the local music scene."
-- Bodhi Setchko, Setchko & Meese

"I google anything music related, what pops up in my Google search is whatever I posted on Local Music Vibe. So if you are looking for ways to let people find you and or your gigs, use it. It works."
-- Mari Mack, (founder) Artsboretum.org, Mari Mack & Livin' Like Kings

"Just have to say I am super impressed with your web site. It has been really helpful helping me find new bands to play at the Pub."
-- Mike Altman, (Owner) Iron Springs Pub and Brewery, Fairfax CA

"Love you and appreciate you... really. Was just remembering when you first started out with your website and concept and look how much you have done in a few short years... Super impressive and such an incredible contribution to the community and all of us musicians who never had the support until you and Dave came along. Thank you Shelley!"
--Lynn Asher, Bay Area Vocalist

--Nusi Dekker, Singer/Songwriter, Mill Valley CA

"Thanks for the opportunity to feature [my show]! With that points thing it's easier than falling off a log!"
-- Jon Popenow, Jon Popenow Blues Band

"What Local Music Vibe did for Marin's music community is incredible, and it is great that they are expanding this work around the Bay Area and beyond. The sort of grass roots network which Local Music Vibe has built is poised to have significant impact as it expands around the nation.”
-- Brian Zisk, co-founder of The Future of Music Coalition and Executive Producer of the SF MusicTech Summit

“Local Music Vibe’s outreach to young bands and emerging artists, providing previously non-existent performance opportunities is too cool. They do more than merely report on the music scene, they become part of it.”
-- Stephen Hart, trustee of the San Francisco Chapter of The Recording Academy, and Grammy nominated producer

"First, I absolutely agree with NARA's Steven Hart. Local Music Vibe has helped bring emerging and established artists and venues to the forefront. The expanding coverage has been especially helpful to me in promoting acts in Los Angeles as well as the Bay Area. I have personally worked with Shelley on more than one occasion and am impressed with her professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm. I see the site expanding across the country and couldn't be more pleased."
-- Patti Poole, Dragon Management

"Local Music Vibe is probably the most crucial place for local music information. Shelley has become the den mother to a whole community and treats it like her family. We are all lucky to have such a great service from Local Music Vibe and Shelley."
-- Alan Rosen, (owner) Bananas at Large Professional Audio/Musical

"Local Music Vibe, as it has grown, has established a very effective and interactive promotional tool for musicians, clubs, publicists that is ground-breaking. They have formed alliances with in-print publications and have positioned themselves to become a tool on the forefront of any music scene, anywhere. Shelley and Dave have created a music community with a shared vision and commitment because of their dedicated, hands-on involvement."
-- Natasha James, Owner Highway One Records, Americana/Roots Artist, "Country Songwriter of the Year

"Local Music Vibe has been a valuable secondary tool in promoting my client's shows all throughout Northern and Southern California."
-- Doug Deutch, Dough Deutch Publicity Services, Publicist for Natasha James and others

"I run a social Meetup group that attends evening events in Marin. Local Music Vibe has helped me easily identify many events, bands, and venues that I might not have otherwise known about, and saved me tons of time as well! Thanks so much to Shelley and her crew for putting the site together!"
-- Margy Kuntz, organizer of the Marin NightLife Quaffers

"I owe Shelley, Dave and the Local Music Vibe a heartfelt debt of gratitude. If it hadn’t been for their efforts and the weekly LMV gatherings at one Marin café’ or another, I would not have met Mari Tamburo, a brilliant artist/singer/songwriter. From some of those initial weekly meet-ups, Mari found out that I was a drummer and had some of the same tastes as she in music. As we got to know each other, I found out that she was putting a band together to support her nearly finished recording and had some songs yet to record to finish the project. I told her I was interested in auditioning for the drum slot in her band and in recording. The rest is history…! I passed the audition and became the drummer for the newly formed “Mari Mack & Livin’ Like Kings” Blues Band. And, before long, we were in the studio rehearsing and recording. In addition , while we were rehearsing at the Bass Rehearsal Studio in San Rafael, I managed to meet a few other producers who were finishing projects and got some choice well paid session work playing drums and percussion on some other album projects. Then, after seeing Livin Like Kings at the 2009 Sausalito Art Festival, a Bay Area TV Production Company, Acme Spots, hired us to do a network Television spot for Anthem-Blue Cross, which is still in regular rotation. Since then our album “Can’t Go Back”was released and the band has done a number of promotional gigs including back to back record release concert events at 142 Throckmorton Theater in Mill Valley, CA. and Rancho Nicasio in Nicasio, CA. So thanks a million Local Music Vibe, and especially Shelley and David Champine for your vision, ingenuity and hard work. All that said, I want to urge ALL you other musicians, songwriters, bands, clubs, venues, agents and production pro’s to get involved with the Local Music Vibe in some way. Join the group, start a page on the LMV website…something. Let’s come together, do the networking dance, help each other make music we want to make and with that a living doing what we love to do…!"
-- Rob (RJ) Franco, drummer

“LMV is a bad ass site! It's way better than [big concert listing site] imo.”
--Horizontal Bob (Sonic Shift), Stockton CA