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Brittany Shane

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Brittany Shane
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melodic rock

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Brittany Shane

Bob Spector Guitars www.myspace.com/bobspector www.barbarypost.com
Michael Papenburg Guitars and lap steel www.myspace.com/pappyjunior
Ted O'Connell Bass www.myspace.com/tedoconnell
Eric Morris Drums, tank-tops www.myspace.com/31368722

From our recent press release:

Bay Area-based songwriter Brittany Shane is set to release her new CD Have Heart Live Young on Painted Lady Records in September, 2009. The Wisconsin-born and raised songstress has been on a spell of writing and playing over the past decade or so, and the fruits of her labor are obviously starting to pay off. Brittany's sonic offspring has won the good graces of a laundry list of top-notch music makers, including Grammy-nominated engineer Joe Chiccarelli (Shins, White Stripes) and producer Zack Smith (who founded the 80s band Scandal). Shane offers the sort of timeless songwriting on par with Brit cult group The Sundays, The Bangles, Beth Orton or Mazzy Star.

Perhaps it’s her down-to-earth Midwestern charm and the fine sense of humor conveyed in her songs that make you wish you could step through your speakers and into a bar, where she’ll be waiting with a beer. Sure, she makes pure pop for now people, but the tunes reach out in all different directions: “One Station” has a melody that doesn’t leave your head long after its 3 ½ minutes are up; “Over Your Shoulder,” conjures a sensuous urgency we’ve heard more recently from bands like Metric; and the title track, “Have Heart Live Young,” is a foot-tapper on par with the Bangles, circa “Different Light,” shimmering backing vocals n’ all. But it’s Brittany’s every-girl that comes shining through in the end. We get the impression that punk rock kids, soccer moms and convicted felons can embrace the stuff with equal devotion, and we say that in a good way, of course. That is why Shane has been able to share stages over the years with such a varied array of artists (the Breeders, Indigo Girls, Stevie Nicks, Aimee Mann, Heart, to name a few), without seeming like there’s been a mistake in the billing.

That is also why six of her songs provide much of the score to the multi-award winning indie film, The Village Barbershop, starring John Ratzenberger, (Cliff Clavin from Cheers) and Shelly Cole. The film, called “warm, humorous and ingratiating” by Variety, was released nationally in cinemas in March 2009 by Monterey Media. The presence of Shane’s music, featured prominently throughout the film, bridges a metaphorical gap between the two lead characters, and in addition to being a fine score, is also an appropriate speaker for the struggles and triumphs of both main characters.

Look out for Brittany Shane’s Have Heart Live Young in September. You can expect her to be waiting for you at your local bar… with a warm smile and a cold one ready.


Brittany Shane and her band play all over Marin, San Francisco and the Bay Area.

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