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David Sturdevant

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David "Dr. Jazz" Sturdevant
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David Sturdevant

David Sturdevant

David "Dr. Jazz" Sturdevant is a celebrated local musician with a rich history performing all over Northern California and throughout the diverse art and music communities of the Bay Area. Renown for his mastery of the diatonic and chromatic harmonica, this guitar maestro is also a popular vocalist, teacher and music director from his home in Oakland, California. He is the founding member of several dynamic, multi-cultural and multi-generational musical groups, including one of the most fun ensemble acts anywhere [Medicine Ball], tours with his New Orleans Swing duo [Stafford & Sturdevant], entertains Napa Valley Wine Country with his Italian-American trio [Trio Davide] and travels locally and abroad engaging audiences with his unique wit, charm and musicality.

David has mastered the art of creative multi-tasking, both artist and musician, recordist and band leader, he successfully bridges the evolution of music and visual arts for 21st century audiences everywhere. As a musician with contemporary interests and old fashioned talents honed on the streets of San Francisco, he skillfully performs classics and modern favorites, spinning his own interpretations into crowd pleasing, universally appealing feel good music.

Whether he's performing as a solo act or duo, American Rock n' Roll to classic Italiano, David's considered by his peers and loyal fans to be one of the hardest working musicians in the Bay Area. His long standing ties with the biggest names in entertainment includes such talents as Blues Hall of Fame drummer and vocalist Larry Vann, Two-Time Grammy Award winning violinist Mads Tolling, saxophone greats Nancy Wright, Ylonda Nickells, and Richard Howell, Oakland's own Terrie Odabi, keyboardist and vocalist to the stars Janice Maxie Reid and many, many others. David consistently assembles the very best performers for what has become the signature of the Medicine Ball Band - a rotating lineup of new and familiar faces performing nightly across the Bay and around the world.

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