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San Francisco Medicine Ball Band

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San Francisco Medicine Ball Band
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San Francisco Medicine Ball Band

David Sturdevant
Ylonda Nickell
Terrie Odabi
Larry Vann
Mads Tolling
Janice Maxie Reid
Michelle Jacques

The San Francisco Medicine Ball Band is known for their fun, eclectic brand of danceable Americana, Jazz and R&B hits well seasoned with the memorable, feel-good sounds of Classic Rock and New Orleans Soul. This is a brand of good time that’s clearly crafted, assembled by the hands of multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, founder and band leader David Sturdevant. If you haven't heard the Medicine Ball you've probably crossed paths with someone who has, both in the audience and on stage. Celebrated for an ever-changing line-up of top tier musicians from all over the world, the Medicine Ball takes their shows to new heights nightly without losing touch with the personal soul of a band that got its start playing for tips on the streets of San Francisco. One thing is certain, this band will have you out of your seats in no time, whether it's House Of The Rising Sun or Summertime in New Orleans, Ain’t Misbehavin’, After You’ve Gone. I Double Dare You to find another band that can get you sweatin’ set after set then cool you down for a slow dance with an R&B rhythm-made memorable.

The Medicine Ball is modular so adapting to venues serves them well, making a seamless transition from big stages, like the Guadalupe River Park & Gardens in San Jose to the more intimate, cool evening seaside restaurants, cafes and clubs of Sausalito like few others. The band is a frequent draw at the Taste of Rome and the Seahorse, as well as clubs like the Sausalito Cruising Club and Presidio Yacht Club where their shows are often dancing room only. Never one to get comfortable, eager to mix and match on the fly, David changes the lineup as often as the band crosses the Bay – one night the band will showcase the blazing saxes of Ylonda Nickell and Nancy Wright, Richard Howell comes around from time to time too, with Oakland's own soulful vocalists Terrie Odabi and Chelle Jacuqes, keyboardist and vocalist extraordinaire Ms. Janice Maxie Reid, Two-time Grammy Award winning violinist Mads Tolling, Blues Hall of Fame inductee Larry Vann on drums and sultry vocals, plus many more fan favorites always eager to receive David's call to join them on stages grand and small.

Touted as one of the hardest working musicians in the Bay Area with ties to the biggest names in entertainment [Pee Wee Ellis, Randy Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Sting, Elton John, John Lee Hooker], David consistently assembles the very best performers for what has become the signature of the Medicine Ball Band - plenty of soulful good times for when the mood is right, and the feeling is alright, the Medicine Ball makes sweet sweet music out of sight and any event and every occasion is a reason to celebrate all night.

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