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2 Question Inner View - Kickin' it with Terry Morton

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013 - 8:57pm

Hey Folks-

Well I'm at it again - putting people in the spotlight and on the spot with the 2Q Inner View.

Today at our Marin Coffee, I snagged long time Local Music Vibe supporter Terry Morton of Renegade Sound. Terry has given back to the community so many times volunteering his time and equipment for countless Bay Area live music benefits. Of course he can only give back if we support him as well, so if you have live sound needs, you should definitely consider Renegade.

Terry is also a drummer and plays in the band Rock Candy - check them out for some sweet hard-rock music (not metal hard, rock hard). The combination of his skills as a drummer and sound professional led him to invent an amazing new microphone for kick drums and cajons. It's called the "REZ HEAD" and it slides right onto a Kickport and captures the sweet boom booms in all their booty-bumping glory. It's not ready for the market just yet, but he impressed a lot of people onstage at NAMM with his prototype, so stay tuned for more information. Fellow drummer RJ Franco (currently playing with Mari Mack & Livin' Like Kings) is also involved so you know they will kick some serious (b)ass.

I love what Terry has to say about creating good vibes - "when you project good energy onto others, you get it back". Amen to that, brother!



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