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Marin Musicians Danny Uzilevsky and Erik Smyth Injured in Head-On Highway Crash - Please support the recovery fund

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Monday, August 20, 2012 - 10:18am

Please donate to the Danny Uzi & Erik Smyth Accident Fund here.

The page at GoFundMe.con says:

"This [fund] is dedicated to a couple of amazing musicians.

Danny Uzi and Erik Smyth were leaving a gig traveling south on 101 when they collided with a drunk driver who got on the freeway going the wrong way. Both vehicles were traveling 65 m.p.h. upon impact. Thankfully they survived this horrific head-on collision and are being treated at Santa Rosa General Hospital.
As most of you know, being a professional musician doesn't pay very well and both of them have no medical insurance. They have hospital bills that will exceed $100,000 and they can not, on a musician's salary cover these expenses.
We are grateful for any & all donations - No donation is too small or too great. Help us to to help them get through this event with grace & as much ease a possible.We all know that life is filled with uncertain circumstance but WE as a community can do our best to keep the love strong & help those we love in the hardest of times."

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From San Anselmo-Fairfax Patch
(original story: http://sananselmofairfax.patch.com/articles/local-musicians-injured-in-h...)

Local Musicians Injured in Head-On Highway 101 Crash

San Anselmo residents Daniel Uzilevsky and Erik Howard Smyth, who frequently perform in Fairfax, were returning from a gig in Cotati when they were hit by a car driving the wrong way on Highway 101.

From San Anselmo-Fairfax Patch
(original story: http://sananselmofairfax.patch.com/articles/local-musicians-injured-in-h...

San Anselmo residents Daniel Uzilevsky and Erik Howard Smyth, who frequently perform in Fairfax, were returning from a gig in Cotati when they were hit by a car driving the wrong way on Highway 101.

By Jessica Mullins - 8:35 am

Two San Anselmo residents and musicians, who frequently perform in Fairfax, were injured in a vehicle accident when they were hit head-on by a Santa Rosa man driving the wrong way on Highway 101 early Sunday morning.

The two cars collided head-on on southbound U.S. Highway 101 northwest of Petaluma, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Daniel Uzilevsky, 32, and Erik Howard Smyth, 42, were returning to San Anselmo after a gig in Cotati with their band, Elephant Listening Project. This summer they had performed at Peri’s Silver Dollar, 19 Broadway and the Sleeping Lady in Fairfax.

Uzilevsky is a guitarist who has been in several local bands, including Chrome Johnson and Honey Dust.

A 2002 Mazda Protege driven by Dustin Troy Loff, 33, was first reported traveling north in the left lane of southbound 101 near Pepper Road shortly after 12:30 a.m. on Sunday, according to CHP Officer Marcus Hawkins.

Only minutes later, south of West Railroad Avenue, Troy's car collided head-on with a 1995 Nissan Pathfinder traveling south in the same lane.

Both vehicles came to a stop, blocking the two middle lanes and scattering debris.

Loff sustained internal injuries and major lacerations to his right arm, Hawkins said.

The Pathfinder's driver, Smyth, sustained head lacerations and complained of pain to his back and right arm.

His passenger, Uzilevsky, suffered a broken femur and ankle and left arm, as well as a broken sternum and ribs.

Both drivers are under investigation for driving under the influence, Hawkins said. Loff has two prior DUI convictions and is currently on probation which requires that he consume no alcohol.

The Elephant Listening Project Facebook page had an update on Sunday telling fans about the crash and said the two musicians are in a hospital in Santa Rosa. The post said “We are so thankful that they had on seat belts and the air bags deployed!”

One friend has already started a fund to cover the duo's medical expenses [see link on left].

— Bay City News contributed to this report



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