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Elliott's Evil Plan

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Elliott's Evil Plan
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Classic Rock
Jam Band
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Elliott's Evil Plan

Elliott Shannonhouse, Guitar
Cathey Cotten, Vocals
John-Paul McLean, Bass
Jan Jackson, Drums
Ron Ransford, Percussion
Denielle Basom, Vocals
John Gibson - Trumpet

Elliott's Evil Plan The most diabolical party band ever conceived. A monstrous carnival of blues, soul, surf, rock, jazz, and psych-o-delic freakiness.

The band's "Ring Leader", Elliott Shannonhouse along with his fiery singer Cathey Cotten are two of the most creative artists to emerge in recent years. With his soaring guitar work and his blues-infused, rocking R&B sound, her soulful vocals rooted in jazz, blues and gospel and their powerhouse lineup of musicians, Elliott’s Evil Plan has been “Conquering the World with Love and Music” with a live show full of energy, style and passion.

By putting their own spin on time-tested classics, Elliott’s Evil Plan boasts a recognizable song list that will surprise and energize you. From your favorite R&B tunes to Surf and Rock Classics and Originals, their unstoppable grooves continue to electrify and stimulate the musical tastes of all their fans.

Each performance takes on a different shape and is turned into a swirling amalgam of pure FUN with an amazing rhythm section with a rooted sense of blues, rock, funk and soul who seamlessly slide through multiple styles and dynamic performances featuring “surprise” Guest Musicians have gained a loyal following of fans throughout the Bay Area.

Check us out online. Or better yet, make it out to a show and see for yourself. What do you do next? Call the Evil Chick, Cathey at (415) 508-PLAN or shoot her an email at booking@theevilplan.com to talk details and get Elliott’s Evil Plan on your calendar. Elliott's Evil Plan "Conquering the World with Love and Music".

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