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The Shruggers

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The Shruggers
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Alt Rock
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The Shruggers

Nakul Tiruviluamala
Joey Earnest
Peter Fisk

A newly minted trio making waves in the LA Jazz scene. Tiruviluamala plays the keys as if they were on fire, only to be contained by his cool, soft musical nature. Furthermore, the dynamic playing of the saxophone and guitar holds interesting, as Earnest's golden alto models the sounds of Jimi Hendrix, while Fisk's guitar imitates that of John Coltrane. Freely passing from groove to groove and always ready to improvise, these guys have done their homework and are out to prove it! In the beginning they found themselves recording each jam session, trying desperately to capture each unique musical moment. One take, one smile inducing listen back, and it was on to the next track. Peter Fisk is the late comer in the group. He spent the last 6 years of his musical career studying classical guitar, only to discover that jazz improvisation was his true passion. Nakul Tiruviluamala is also a classically trained musician, who worked regularly with saxophonist and keyboardist, Joey Earnest. Nakul brings a unique use of classical phrasing to his jazz playing, which is very deep in the blues. Earnest is, by all means, a front man. Very clever in his ideas to rearticulate old standards, Earnest is capable of producing sounds on his saxophone that have possibly never been attained.

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