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21 Aces

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21 Aces
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21 Aces

The Band: Ray King - Ray began drumming at an early age, forming an aggressive and tight style that helps solidify the backbone of the 21 Aces styl

21 ACES is a college-aged, energetic rock group based in central Marin made up of Lindsay Brauner, Brian Lesh, Ray King and Scott Harvey.

Key Influences: Kings of Leon, The Black Crowes, Foo Fighters, The Grateful Dead

21 Aces started playing together in 2005, and performed at the first annual Rock to Relief show at Slim's, in San Francisco. Since then, they have played various local schools and venues, including another show at Slim's, The Filmore in San Francisco, and the Novato Youth Center. The group first formed in high school, where Scott and Ray played in the Jazz Band together. They stayed as a trio for a few years until the addition of Lindsay in 2009. They have recorded in multiple studios, ranging from New York's Boom Boom Studios to Stanford's CCRMA Studios to Expressions School Studios. Combining a variety of musical approaches, 21 Aces brings a unique stye of Rock and Roll to the stage. Boasting an impressive original repertoire, 21 Aces will be playing all around the Bay Area in the near future. Check back here for show listings soon.

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