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The Plumb Uglies

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The Plumb Uglies
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The Plumb Uglies

Perry Brubaker
Scott Palmer

While the Plumb Uglies formed in 2011 in Eureka, CA, their roots go back much farther. Scott and Perry have known each other since the way back when, tromping around the Illinois River Valley and reconnecting intermittently in the years gone bye. When both ended up in the same North Coast town, it seemed like a fine time to get to playing some jams together. As it turns out, their respective tastes and styles complimented each other well, and the beast was born. As Scott heads in to the studio to record his 3rd studio solo album, the boys are cutting their teeth around Humboldt county, ever working on new material and preparing for a gig near you!

The Plumb Uglies are a couple of guys stompin out some awesome original tunes and a heaping helping of unique takes on old country, blues and folk flavors. Led by singer/songwriter and guitar player Scott Palmer, their music is rooted firmly in American tradition with a few tricks up its sleeve. Rounded out by the upright bass slappings of one Perry Brubaker, the Plumb Uglies strive to make each performance its own animal. Three versions of the same song may take on wildly different personalities, keeping the band and the listener on their toes every time. Just as comfortable playing for and with the punk crowd as the folk crowd, the boys' music trancends genre into an instantly recognizable yet distinct beast. Keep an eye out for the boys to be playing various Humboldt venues with good friends Gunsafe, the Wax Catastrophe, and Sunshine n/ Yellabird soon!!

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