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Flint Local 432 General Meeting

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Flint Local 432 General Meeting
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Flint Local 432

124 W. First St.
Flint, MI 48503
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Hey Folks,

Things are really starting to come together in our music scene here. We've started to see our show attendance increase, a lot of new faces, and I've been getting a lot of requests from people wanting to get involved. As a result, I felt it was time to call a "General Meeting" at the Local so we can start orientating community members to our organization, our values, our practices, and goals. This has always been a volunteer/community member driven organization and now that things are starting to pick-up, we want to see more people involved.

If you're in a band that has or hasn't played a show with us yet, a new volunteer, interested in getting involved, or if you're just interested in the Local, please plan on attending! This meeting is open to anyone! We will be hosting it upstairs in the board room, but if there are any accessibility needs we can host it downstairs accordingly.

If you have any questions, please send them my way: Dan@FlintLocal432.com

Hope to see everyone there!

Danny Moilanen
Flint Local 432
Club Manager

Here's the tentative agenda for the meeting:

1) Club Financial Report - overview of our finances, show attendance, income, expenditures, etc.

2) Upcoming Schedule - Select volunteers for shows, booking, new bands, etc.

3) Promo - Discuss monthly promotion strategy/street team role, newsletter content, etc.

4) New band/community member orientation. Explain our expectations, provide suggestions on promo, etc.

5) Production - Discuss how we can improve show production, what's working? What isn't working? Do we need new signage? Etc.

6) Community Planning - Discuss potential projects we can do to promote community engagement, community values, goals, etc. Where do you want to see Flint Local 432 in a year? 5 years? 10 years?

7) Punk Rock Prom - Determine theme, establish planning committee, budget, etc.

8) Space improvement - Work on cleaning, painting, or any other miscellaneous work the space needs.

If you feel like I'm missing something, shoot me an email: Dan@FlintLocal432.com