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The Owl Farm

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The Owl Farm
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811 Dickerson unit i
Nashville, TN 37207
About this Venue

The Owl Farm

Owners and booking:

There are only two owners of the Owl Farm who also book events in the space, however we are open to other promoters booking events in our space. We opened this space so that underground shows and events can have a place to go other than houses.

At any rate, the owners of the Owl Farm are Jazzi Bennett and Rose Marie Pink. Below is a list of things we are interested in booking. If your music, etc does not fit out respective booking interests, that doesn't necessarily exclude you from performing here. You can contact other promoters in Nashville and try to get set up with a show here.

Jazzi: hardcore punk, crust, d beat, power violence, etc plus mathcore, screamo, black metal, blah blah. NOT interested in booking any pop punk. Please note that I am no longer interested in booking sludge metal either. There are many, many people in Nashville interested in booking bands of that genre. Please contact them instead. A few of them are still listed on the Little Hamilton facebook page. (contact through jazzi13benn@yahoo.com)

Rose books art, queer related things, zine-related things, book clubs, theatre, dance parties, comedy and on occasion the poppier end of punk Jazzi won't tolerate. contact me through the owlfarmnashville@gmail.com

Also, we DO NOT check our facebook mail regularly. please do not send us messages, or at least don't expect a response.

We don't have any upcoming shows listed for this venue right now.